10 Ways To Have Mind-Blowing S3X If He Has A Small Penis.

10 Ways To Have Mind-Blowing S3X If He Has A Small Penis.


If you’re worried about your penis size, you’re not alone. In fact, thirty percent of subjects in one study reported feeling dissatisfied with their genitals. Some men stated that they feared their shortcomings would lead to rejection or dissatisfaction in the bedroom.

“[Penis shame is] an emotional feeling,” David Veale, a psychiatrist at King’s College London, told LiveScience. So, if you’re feeling small, it probably has little to do with reality.

Just so you know, a study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine revealed that the average male penis measures 5.6 inches. It isn’t uncommon for men who are larger than the average to be self-conscious of their size as well.

It’s about time you started having some penis confidence, no matter your size. You don’t need to invest in a penis pump. You can satisfy your partner just as you are, and we recommend these positions for the best experiences.

Reverse Cowgirl
This girl on top position gives your partner full control, so she can choose the speed and penetration. You’ll enjoy the view of her arched back and more, and she’ll appreciate when you reach over and rub her clitoris. It’s a win-win situation.

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