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15 Disturbing Facts About All Public Swimming Pools That Will Disgust You


15 Disturbing Facts About All Public Swimming Pools That Will Disgust You

If you’ve ever taken a dip in a swimming pool – be it public or private – you’re probably aware of the kind of maintenance required to keep it in good condition. It seems that unless a vat of chemicals is applied to the water by a team of nuclear physicists, anyone who even looks at the water will disintegrate like the Wicked Witch of the West. Thankfully, all that Ph-balancing means the pool water is perfectly clean and safe and there’s nothing disgusting about it. Except for all those chemicals, anyway. And all the filthy other people who swim in it. And… maybe we’ll just take a bath, instead. So, before you go leaping off that diving board into the deep end, here’s 15 super gross things you maybe haven’t considered about pool water. #14 Will Gross You Out!

1. 90 Million People Swim In Public Pools Each Year, All Swapping Germs
Let’s not kid ourselves – people are disgusting. We can’t even help it most times. Every last one of us is covered in germs. We’re constantly sneezing, coughing, burping, farting and God knows what else. And, if you’re being honest with yourself – just how thorough are you cleaning up after using the can? That’s what we thought. Now, take 90 million other people as gross as you and toss them into swimming pools all over the world.

Are you starting to see why they chlorinate the shit (so to speak) out of these pools yet?

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