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Black Mom Gives Birth to Guinness World Record 34-Pound Baby Boy [VIDEO]


Black Mom Gives Birth to Guinness World Record 34-Pound Baby Boy [VIDEO]

A new mom claims she was so shocked about the amount her new son weighed that she almost passed out.

LaQueena Hunter Grover said when doctors delivered her son Loyalty at a hospital outside New Orleans, her husband’s jaw dropped.

That’s because the newborn tipped the scale at a whopping 34 pounds.

“He was like, ‘That’s a big baby,’” Grover told WDSU. “I remember the nurse came running back and when she told me that, I swear, had I not been on the gurney already, I would’ve passed out right there when she said that.”

After spending 27 days in the NICU, Loyalty is now home with his family.

“He wears a size three Pamper,” the proud mom said about her now one-month-old son. “He’s supposed to be in a size one as a newborn. He wears 3-to-6-month-old clothes and he wears some 6-to-9-month clothes. I put on him some shorts that were for 18-month-olds.”

Mom said baby Loyalty acts like the Incredible Hulk when he does not get what he wants and he does not like to be wet.

Grover added she now thinks she is “done having children.”
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