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Mother and Son Caught Having Sex By Sister Who Was Visiting Dying Father


Mother and Son Caught Having Sex By Sister Who Was Visiting Dying Father

A 53-year-old woman and her 35-year-old son were sentenced to probation Thursday after they were allegedly caught having sex.

According to prosecutors, an investigation began in May after the woman’s daughter (who is the man’s sister) arrived at her parent’s apartment to check in on her dying father.

At some point, prosecutors say, the daughter/sister peered through a window into the house and caught the sight of her mother having sex with her brother. The mother’s skirt was hiked up around her waist, and it was evident that the pair had been drinking.

When the daughter/sister tapped on the window, her brother froze in horror, realizing that he’d been caught. Moments later, he left the house without making eye contact with his sister. The mother acted as if nothing had taken place.


“All my father ever wanted was to bring the family close together and die with the family he loved surrounding him,” the daughter/sister stated during a court session impact statement. “I think about my father everyday and how much he loved my mom and it breaks my heart. It hurts knowing my that my family will never be the same.”

Both mother and son pleaded guilty to one count of incest. Both were sentenced to a year probation and ordered to attend alcohol and substance abuse counseling.

Because the daughter/sister was a witness in the case, the names of the accused were not released to the public.

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