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Prostitute Gets Out of Pocket and her Pimp Gives her a Pimpslap from God! (VIDEO)


Prostitute Gets Out of Pocket and her Pimp Gives her a Pimpslap from God! (VIDEO)

The clip below shows a male pimp with at least three females and another male inside a budget motel room somewhere within the U.S.

Two of the females appear to get into a heated exchange shortly before fists start to fly.

At about the 01:48 mark the alleged pimp slaps the white female while exclaiming, “…you talk to her, you don’t talk to me…”

You can watch the video below…

The video appears to have been recorded using a cell phone by a male who is laying on the bed.

While could not independently confirm that the male featured in this video is indeed a pimp or that the females are indeed prostitutes – we have no reason to doubt that is exactly who they are.

This video illustrates many accounts prostitutes have shared with as to the violent nature of the reality of prostitution.

Most likely the two caucasian females in this video are a part of the black male’s ‘stable’ of women. It appears the black female may be a new recruit of the pimp’s and the women are sorting out the pecking order.

To maintain control over their women, pimps often have rules that, when broken, result in physical violence. Apparently one of this pimp’s rules is that you are not to bother him with ‘stupid ass questions’ and you’re best not to address him at all.

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